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Small Fireproof Safes

October 8th, 2009

Fireproof safes are specifically designed to safeguard important documents as well as other valuables in case of home fires. Aside from safeguarding your valuables from fire accidents, they also provide extra security from burglars. They are often made from metal and shaped like a hollow cube. Safes are composed of a hinged door that have a special locking mechanism and designed to withstand extreme temperatures. They are rated according to their ability to sustain both internal and external heat temperatures. Moreover, they also receive an impact rating measuring their ability to withstand being dropped from a particular height or struck by a heavy object.

Today, these are already available in varying designs, sizes and shapes. Those who need to store small valuables can opt for small fireproof safes. A small fireproof box is enough to protect vital documents like your passport, bank books or birth certificates. Small fireproof boxes are portable hence making it easier to grab them out of a burning house.

The large heavy fireproof safes are ideal to house business valuables like irreplaceable documents, computer back-ups, and essential company records. These are often built-in and offer a more economical storage solution for all sorts of valuable items. They are designed to maintain an internal temperature of 125 degrees. The maintaining internal temperature will ascertain that the stored items will remain intact during a fire on a specified period of time.

Fireproof gun safe, as the name implies, is ideal for stowing ammunitions or guns. It is the perfect storage location to safely keep these dangerous weapons. Another common type of fireproof safe is the ones installed on floors. Floor fireproof safes are often built in the ground and covered with carpeting or other types of flooring materials. They come in different sizes and ideal for safekeeping of pictures, small paper items as well as other small valuable items.

A wall-type small fireproof cash box is perfect for keeping papers, jewelries and cash. Wall fireproof safes are normally concealed behind art works or wall pictures. They also offer protection against thieves and burglars. The media fireproof storage safe is intended to house media valuables like negatives, films, and computer hard drives. Other types of fireproof safe that you should check out include the fireproof deed storage, and personal fireproof home safe.

Whether you are looking for big or small fireproof safes, it is critical to take into consideration the safe’s type of housing, burglary rating, size, and difficulty of safe combination. Be sure to find the fireproof safe that will best address your needs!